International high 5: personal career's portfolio


Project titled "International high 5: personal career's portfolio" is a strategic partnership linking schools from 6 countries: Poland, Lithuania, Turkey, Italy, Romania and Greece and being expected to last for 2 years. The main aim of the project is to develop by teachers a common format of Careers Portfolio for youth (14-19 years of age) along with the cycle of practical workshops and creative tasks, to be carried out in school. The youth, participating in various activities and practical international workshops (in a local school and on international meetings), will have the opportunity to gain new experiences, which will be described in the Portfolio Career. Project tasks will focus on deepening self-awareness of young people (discovering talents, professional skills, internal demotivating factors, reflection on the self development) and providing with the relevant theoretical and practical knowledge in the context of planning career development path.

The task of teachers in this project will not only be to develop the format of the portfolio (to determine the form, content and evaluation while respecting the individuality of each student), but also to create interesting and involving workshops to portfolio, which in the future will be at other teachers and students' disposal. Teachers will also participate in the discussions and workshops concerning the need to make changes and approaches to working with youth, the need for continuous training and the issue of burnout. One of the key aims of the project will also be to develop skills related to social/economic entrepreneurship and the use of modern communication technologies. As part of the project there will be held one transnational project meeting in Poland in October 2014 and 6 youth exchanges together with the teachers during which the participants will learn unique solutions connected with professional counseling in visited countries and solve portfolio tasks.

Project`s innovation for the local community:

- Subject is adopted to the rapid changes of socio-economic conditions. The main goal of the project is to develop students` self-awareness (discovering talents, professional predispositions, internal reflection on self-development) and provide them with the adequate theoretical and practical knowledge in the context of career planning and effective entry into the labor market.
- Use of informal education in public schools and counteracting the slogan school kills creativity: international group of teachers will create a form of Career's Portfolio with attachments (teleconferences, thematic ideas for workshops / practical tasks to portfolio, surveys) that provide spurs for students to be active and systematic with their Career Portfolio.
- An international group of educators will prepare a plan of Career Portfolio + attachments
- Dissemination of career counseling topics along with the idea of lifelong learning as long educational process for the teaching staff, parents and students
- Professional support in relation to career planning will be close to the students and their parents
- Better cooperation with parents
- Better cooperation between school and local institutions
- Promoting the idea of career planning from the early years of education through the student's activity
- To promote the acquisition of practical experience (also in an international environment), not just theoretical, even with the use of modern communication technology in public institutions.


- Acquiring of theoretical and practical knowledge in relation to the topic "career counseling"
- Training of the teaching staff on using of Portfolio
- The inclusion of "conservative" teachers in non-formal education activities (the awakening of their own energy, to start a dialogue about new methods in education, start to use modern digital technologies);
- Stronger perception of students` individual needs and interests
- Motivation and commitment of teachers of different subjects to the international cooperation
- Counteracting the work routine
- Improvement of cooperation with parents
- Development of language and intercultural competences,
- Europass


- The gradual increase of skills of self understanding, interpersonal communication, cooperation, planning and the pursuit of life goals;
- Acquiring of theoretical and practical knowledge about the "world of professions" (tasks, activities, work environment, requirements, educational paths, needs of the market)
- Meetings with professionals and advisors;
- Attitude of openness to knowledge and presenting your personality
- Supporting local initiatives to help young people with the entrance to the labor market
- Develop of active and enterprising attitudes (motivation to act and to document this in a Career's Portfolio);
- Overcoming of inaction and stereotypical way of thinking,
- coping with unusual situations and own barriers
- Influencing on the school reality (through planning of actions and cooperating with teachers and taking part in evaluation
- Development of language and intercultural competences
- Youthpass


- A common format of Career's Portfolio (created by international group of teachers) for youth (14-17 years) along with the cycle of practical workshops and creative tasks, to be carried out in school. Portfolio in digital version (in English and mother tongue) will be delivered to local educational institutions
- Continuous and effective advisory system in relation to the topic "career counseling" which will function at school involving a lot of tutors
- about 200 students at each school will fill in the Careers Portfolio
- On the school`s website there will be formed the place with the logo of Erasmus+ H5 CAREER PLANNING (attached). There will be a place for our project`s visibility and all photos, presentations and professional clues how to lead own career.
- Useful information base on professions/ career counseling (information booklets, professions folders, occupations flyers, multimedia database, literature about the labor market and vocational counseling)
- Establishing and strengthening of cooperation with labor offices, career information centers and local employers
- Promoting of the school in the local area. The image of school which promotes and uses innovative methods of education (non-formal education)
- Real and growing use of Career's Portfolio in youth work at local, supra-regional and European level through cooperation with our partners.






Portfolio Students



Our School

Interview Headmistress

Merry Christmas HIGH 5




PORTFOLIO H5-what is it? (Powerpoint)

PORTFOLIO H5-what is it? (Abobe Acrobat)


ANNEX 1 for students (Powerpoint)

ANNEX 1 for students (Abobe Acrobat)


ANNEX 2 (Powerpoint)

ANNEX 2 (Abobe Acrobat)


ANNEX 3 for students (Powerpoint)

ANNEX 3 for students (Abobe Acrobat)

how to manage own energy+practical exercices (Powerpoint)

how to manage own energy+practical exercices (Abobe Acrobat)


ANNEX 4 for students- Personality as a predictor of future work (Powerpoint)

ANNEX 4 Presentation (Powerpoint)


Parents theory (Powerpoint)


Presentation (KIILERS OF CREATIVITY -Powerpoint)

Presentation (Managing the talent pool -Powerpoint)


ANNEX 5 - Use your talents (Powerpoint)


ANNEX 6 - Job classification (Powerpoint)


ANNEX 7 - Job wanted (Powerpoint)


ANNEX 8 - job search is a job (Powerpoint)


ANNEX 9 dream job(Powerpoint)


ANNEX 10 - What education is required for your chosen career(Powerpoint)

ANNEX 10 - Future job presentation(Powerpoint)


ANNEX 11 - (Powerpoint)



Business Incubator Presentation (Powerpoint)


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